About Our Wiener Dog Racing

Our races are family friendly and non-intimidating. Of course we enjoy friendly competition but, the welfare and safety of all the dogs is our first concern. All dogs must provide proof of current vaccinations and license. We will always try to schedule races in the coolest part of the day here in SW Florida so our precious pooches don’t get overheated. Water and shade is always available.

Dozens of dachshunds will scramble in pursuit of fame and imaginative lures as hundreds of spectators cheer them on along the 50-yard track. Some of the dogs will have trained with a team of handlers who encourage, cajole and plead with the willful little dogs to focus on the race instead of interesting sights, sounds and smells along the route.

The dachshund, a type of hound dog, was bred in Germany to hunt badgers and other small prey. Their short legs are ideal for following such prey into burrows-but not so ideal for long, loping strides that might be useful for racing. But the scrappy little dogs manage to chase their ‘prey’ to the finish line until a winner is determined.

Dachshund racing gained popularity in the ’90s after Miller Brewing Co. held a race in Shreveport, La. spawned by a series of commercials featuring dachshunds. Today, the races have become wildly popular across the country in places like Ohio, Minnesota, Montana, Florida, Missouri, Texas and Alabama. Our races are held to benefit animal shelters and rescue organizations, a plus for our four legged friends. These events are not only fun but are a great way to promote and raise funds, collect food and living needs for animals in the care of local non-profits including Dachshund Rescue awareness.

Dachshunds do love to race but that’s not all they can do. Dachshund owners have found their best friends are fun loving and tend to enjoy dressing up in costumes, chasing balls, socializing and more. The SW Florida Wiener Dog Club is not limited to just wiener dog racing! We’ve had hot dog eating contests, most obedient, best trick, biggest and smallest, owner look-a-like and more. We include races for any small dog breeds under 25 pounds to participate in many other dog friendly activities that produces a fun filled and safe time for all family members.