Why Buy Insurance For Dog Ownership?

Three options are available for canine owners who are uninsured or improperly insured: umbrella coverage, excess coverage, and canine liability policies. An umbrella policy offers liability coverage for injuries, damages, and losses that are not covered by an individual’s primary insurance (i.e., an umbrella would cover a dog bite that is not covered by the dog owner’s homeowner policy). An excess policy offers a higher policy limitation for losses that ARE covered by the main insurance. A canine liability policy is a policy which is written specifically for pet dog owners for the function of guaranteeing canines or individuals who, for one factor or another, can not obtain any other coverage for injuries, damages and losses triggered by their dog(s).

The standard option for dog owners is to purchase an umbrella policy. If you have homeowner insurance or occupants insurance, and it does not cover canine-inflicted injuries, speak with your insurance agent about acquiring an “individual umbrella liability policy.” It is umbrella liability insurance for individuals and their households. It supplies coverage for (1) excess liability over underlying liability coverage (homeowners, auto) and (2) some of the liability exposures left out by underlying policies, which might consist of canine liability (but make certain to check!). There is no basic form for this kind of policy; generally, the form needs the upkeep of underlying homeowners as well as auto liability policies with minimum combined single liability limits of $300,000 each. The essential thing is to determine that the umbrella policy under factor to consider does not omit canine caused injuries.

Canine owner liability insurance (sometimes called “canine liability coverage”) is readily available from a few brokers and companies in the United States. If you have to buy it, the following website, www.bestinsuranceagencydirectory.com is offering it. The details provided herein was supplied by those companies and is not verified; do not construe the addition of a company on this page to constitute a recommendation or suggestion of the company.